Introducing Jesus – Welcome to our website

Who was Jesus? What did he say and do? What was special about his life and why did he die? Why should it make any difference to us, today?

These are just some of the issues this site tries to deal with. You may never have thought about it – that’s why it’s called Introducing Jesus.

Birth of Jesus. Christmas – God with us! We wish you a Very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year in 2014. But what is Christmas all about?

The First Christmas. The build up to the first Christmas started hundreds of years beforehand. God promised that ‘someone’ was going to come. A Human being, born of a woman yet the Son of God.

An Old Testament Scroll. Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophesies. Throughout the Old Testament God had stated through his prophets that the Messiah was going to come. The Messiah was to be the one who would save God’s people, be their leader and king, and bring them together into a relationship with God.

Why Jesus died. Many people were crucified 2000 years ago. What makes Jesus death so special? What can it possibly mean for you and me today? Problem? – what problem? and what is the solution?

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem. Dead man alive again! The Resurrection of Jesus is either simply untrue or simply the greatest event in history. People have argued both ways. But what is the evidence, the facts, that convinces millions of people that Jesus is alive?

Who is Jesus? He is often described as the greatest leader and spiritual teacher the world has ever seen. But did he leave us that option? He made astounding claims. Depending on whether his claims are true or not we are only left with three options.

On this site you will find information about Jesus Christ. Here you will find evidence for who he is, examples of some of the things he said and did, questions (and answers, of course) that people ask about him and about Christianity in general.

The purpose of this site is to offer a clear, simple, Biblical account of the GOOD NEWS that God loves us and sent his son, Jesus, to live and die so that we maight have a relationship with him.

Many of the pages have space at the bottom where you can send us your comments and questions. We don’t collect, buy or sell email addresses so your privacy is quite safe. But we do like to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site and discovering who Jesus is. Visit this site again as we add to it regularly.